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Top 3 key highlights from Expensify’s Superbowl campaign

  • Sign up vs. Log in: The never-ending battle might be a thing of the past with Expensify’s “connect” flow. (Slide 6 & 18-19)
  • Brand Opportunities: Every email you send is an opportunity to engage and build a relationship with your customer, make sure you don’t miss one! (Slide 22)
  • Referral Timing: Make sure your customers are accustomed to your app before asking for a referral. Otherwise, it might even reduce the overall willingness of reciprocity… (Slide 42)

The overall experience started on a high note, had a few hiccups and was slowly ramping up at the end:

Expensify Superbowl Ad Customer Journey Map
Expensify Superbowl Ad Customer Journey Map

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