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Turn passive watching into an active practice.

Practice what you learn in our case studies with more examples, interactive questions, quizzes, and checklists. All in just 5 minutes per week.

How it works

Get smarter about product psychology in just 5 minutes per week.

Use our bundle of 50 weekly exercises to level up your skills. You’ll be able to apply the learnings to your work without spending hours taking a full course.

Improve every week

Complete weekly exercises to unlock checklists, bonuses and recap quizzes.

Start with just one tap

Your weekly exercises start straight from your inbox. You're always one tap away from a quick practice.

Practice the fun way

Learn by doing: every question will help you learn and memorize new principles and help you recognize them in the wild.

What’s included

Everything you need to make learnings “stick”.

  • 50 weekly exercises

    You’ll get one exercise every week for 50 weeks. Each one with about 5 questions to learn faster.

  • 200+ questions and examples

    Learn psychology tips from tons of examples based on real-world products and experiences.

  • Less than 5 minutes per week

    Keep your product skills sharp with weekly practices you can quickly do on the go.

  • One-time payment

    No subscription. No hidden fees. Just a one-time payment for a lifetime access.

  • Review anytime

    You can revisit all the exercises you completed at any time to better remember what you learn.

  • Checklists & bonuses

    As you progress, collect rewarding checklists and bonuses to help you apply what you learn.

  • Ethical challenges

    Some questions will keep your ethical compass in check to help you focus on your customers.

  • Game-like experience

    We use proven game mechanics to help you learn faster while having fun.

  • Certification

    Reach the end of the exercises path, and you'll be able to pass a test to get a Linkedin badge.


Pre-order the exercise bundle.

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Lifetime access. No subscription required.

  • Pre-launch discount
  • One-time payment (no subscription)
  • 200+ questions and examples
  • 50 weekly exercises
  • Review anytime
  • Certification
  • Checklists & bonuses
  • Early access to beta versions
  • Support our work while we build this
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For teams and organizations

  • Everything in Solo
  • Team pre-launch discount
  • Challenge and learn with your colleagues
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Money-back guarantee

Want a refund before we launch? Just email and we’ll refund you, no questions asked. Once we launch (May 2024), you’ll have 30 days to test it and decide if you like it.


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Frequently asked questions.

If you have anything else you want to ask, email us.

    • Why should I pre-order now?

      Pricing will increase as we get closer to launch (May 2024), and we want to reward people who trust us early in the process.

    • Can I try it first?

      Yes! Here’s the link to our demo.

    • Can I share this with my team?

      Yes, if you pre-order the team package. Otherwise, solo accounts cannot be shared.

    • Is this a native mobile app?

      These exercises will be web browser based at first. This removes the friction of having to install another app. But we might build a native app if people request it after the launch.

    • Do you offer discounts?

      Besides the pre-launch discount, we do not offer discounts. This is the best price you’ll see since we might increase prices once we get closer to launching.

    • When will I get access?

      We’re aiming to launch May 2024. If you pre-order the bundle, you’ll also get early access to our beta versions.

    • Is this a subscription?

      No. Most people are tired of subscriptions. So we made it simple: pay once and enjoy 50 weekly exercises. You can review them whenever you want.

    • How is this different from your course?

      Our Product Psychology Masterclass goes more in-depth with psychology principles, frameworks, and detailed lessons. Our masterclass typically takes 20-60 hours of focused time to complete. Our Exercises are meant to be bite-sized, quick, and fun.

    • What’s the treasure chest in the screenshot above?

      Good eye! Once you complete 10 or more exercises, you’ll unlock bonuses like a checklist or more resources to help you in your work.

    • How can I help?

      If you wish to help, let us know how we could improve our demo! It will help us shape the product for you.

    • What’s included?

      Lifetime access to 50 exercise sessions with 5 questions each. You’ll receive 1 exercise per week in your inbox. Plus, you’ll get checklists and recap quizzes when you complete multiple exercises.

    • Is there a guarantee?

      Yes. If you change your mind before the launch, we’ll refund you, no questions asked. After the launch, you’ll have 30 days to ask for a refund.

    • What happens to my data?

      It’s 100% private. Your answers are saved in your account to give you the chance to review them.

    • What level of expertise do I need to do these exercises?

      Anyone with a basic understanding of digital products can use these exercises to learn new things (or stay sharp!) by practicing on a weekly basis.

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