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We believe that sharing meaningful experiences makes the world better.

Growth.Design helps product-led organizations in 140+ countries create better experiences. Enough with the department silos and the complicated jargon. Let’s bring the focus back to what matters most: your customers.


What is growth design?

growth de·sign

/ɡrōTH/ /dəˈzīn/

Definition: Growth design is a process at the intersection of Growth (a scientific method to improve business metrics) and Design (a human-centered process used to solve problems). It involves crafting meaningful experiences at scale so that an organization can exceed its business goals while delighting their customers.

Growth Design Definition Venn Diagram


Dan Benoni

✌🏽Hey! I've been running tech companies for the past decade. We crafted delightful experiences for thousands of organizations across the globe. Along the way, I learned that only two things matter for a business to be successful:

• 1. the People (employees & customers),
• 2. the Experience that you offer them.

This is why I love learning and sharing insights about Customer Experience, Growth, Design, & Psychology. They are essential to create meaningful experiences at scale.

Louis-Xavier Lavallee

Hi! 👋 For the past 10 years, I've been studying how the best products and services are changing user behaviors and re-shaping our interactions as a society.

Thanks to the incommensurable amount of data and in-depth knowledge in psychology, companies have developed replicable recipes that drastically change the way we live.

Now, it's our duty, as product experts, to understand the real people that use our products and create experiences so delightful ⚡️ that they will spread the word for you.

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