How to improve signup confirmation rates with Sniper   Links.
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26 % of your new users will never confirm their email

That's right. One out of four users1 who sign up to your product will never confirm their email There.

Three things are causing this:
  1. FRICTION in your onboarding steps.2
  2. SPAM: Confirmation emails land in users' spam folder. They abandon and think that your onboarding is broken.
  3. DISTRACTIONS: Your new users get distracted by other emails in their inbox.That's a classic example of "Hick's Law". And it's what we'll focus on in today's GEM.
Psychology Insight
Hick's Laws
The time it takes to make a decision increases with the number and complexity of choices.


Sniper Link Technique
With "Sniper Links", your new users will only see YOUR confirmation email in their inbox, nothing else. It works even if you landed in their spam.

It's like teleportation. But for inboxes.

Plus, the only thing you need to make it work is a tiny link…
Sniper Link technique explanation
Curious to know how?

Here are 3 simple steps to implement a "Sniper Link" for Gmail:
  1. Open your Gmail inbox in a browser tab. Search for in:anywhere (assuming "" is your company's domain).
  2. Copy the URL of your browser tab. It should now be
  3. Update your signup flow. Right after your users sign up to your product, instead of just saying “Please validate your email” on the confirmation page… show them a "Confirm Your Email" button that links directly to the URL you generated!
If you want to see a quick example, checkout this Trello onboarding case study (slides 20 to 22).

Business Impact

The ROI of Sniper Links
Need to convince stakeholders to give this a try?

Alright, let's say your company is making $12M/year. A conversion rate improvement of just 1% would mean +$120,000 for your business3.

Here at Growth·Design we saw a +7% improvement.

Not bad for a quick experiment.


Your next steps
  1. Read and understand this Gem.
  2. Write down your current email confirmation rate.
  3. Implement the Sniper Link Technique.
  4. Measure the lift with an AB test.
  5. Share your improvement stats with us!

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