Product Psychology MasterclassUse Psychology tobuild better products.

Because "user experience" doesn’t happen on a screen… it happens in the mind.

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Course curriculum

The step-by-step system to apply product psychology.

Learn the most advanced product psychology frameworks in a fun and practical way.

…I feel like a much more accomplished practitioner of product after your course…

Incredibly practical, actionable insights, frameworks and exercises you can start applying to your work immediately. I feel like a much more accomplished practitioner of product after your course.

The practical, research-based insights and frameworks you learn through this course are so illuminating. They have given me a structured approach to design product challenges that I feel I'll be calling back to with every problem I tackle in the future. If you haven't checked out yet - do so, for a taste of this wizardry.

Thank you so much - worth every penny (even as someone who self-funded).

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Matthew McCrae Johnson

Senior Product Manager

Learning Framework

Learn. Practice. Apply.

Each lesson follows a proven learning methodology that focuses on getting you to take action.


1. Learn

2. Practice

3. Apply

Bonus Tools

…plus some nifty tools to make your daily work easier.

We give you practical tools to help you apply what you learn even after you graduate.

Product Checklist

Apply what you learned directly to your work without missing anything—no need to memorize every lesson.

One-Pager Cheat Sheet

We fitted the whole course in just one sheet of paper so you can quickly review the most important concepts at a single glance.

D.I.Y. Case Study Assets

Steal our case study template (Figma) to quickly create customer stories and highlight frictions in your product.


This isn’t about showing off. It’s about signaling that you care about your customers and that you’re a life-long learner.

How it works

Learn anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.

1. Get started right away.

You don’t have to show up at 10 pm every Wednesday for a live session. As soon as you enroll, you can start learning and applying new strategies to improve your product.

2. Digest at your own pace.

Everybody learns at a different pace. Don’t wait for anyone. Learn when your schedule allows it and when your brain is well-rested. Don’t worry. We’ll nudge you if you fall behind.

3. Learn once, apply forever.

Since human psychology won’t change soon, what you’ll learn will always be relevant. You can come back whenever you need and review the course. (ps: you have lifetime access)

…I have ADHD so remote learning is a real nightmare for me but somehow this course was different…

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the course.

I have ADHD so remote learning is a real nightmare for me but somehow this course was different. This is the first course I've finished since COVID started and you have no idea how much that means to me. And I think that happened because the course was really fun, practical and real.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Please keep making more amazing courses.

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Maya Carrion

UX Designer


We show you our best product psychology frameworks.

Dan Benoni
Louis-Xavier Lavallée

👋 Hey, Dan and Louis-Xavier here…

We created this course to help people like you use psychology (ethically!) to build better products, sharpen your skills, delight your customers and help companies scale faster.

Three important things about us. We…
  • 👥 spent 12 years each at the intersection of tech & psychology
  • 📈 cofounded and scaled startups from 0 to 10M$+/year
  • 🌎 created a movement that helps 3,000+ companies in 147 countries create meaningful experiences
We love to reverse-engineer the psychology behind the world’s most successful products and redesign them (most of them end up following our guidelines). We spend thousands of hours per year doing that, and that leads us to:
  1. Build public case studies to educate millions of people,
  2. Research psychology and refine our mental models,
  3. Curate our best insights into this premium course.
You’ve seen what we do in our case studies. Now it’s time for you to have the exact knowledge to do the same for your product.


What experts say about us.

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Nir Eyal

Bestselling author of Hooked and Indistractable

Growth.Design is a great reference for any team committed to improving its customers’ user experience. We all have a responsibility to build ethically-designed products and services to improve people’s lives, Dan and Louis-Xavier show you how.
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Peep Laja

CEO at, Founder of and conversion optimization expert

Many sites are in a sea of sameness. But Growth.Design's content is just so different. Serious effort goes in there. It's clearly hard to produce. Most people aren't ready to put in that kind of work and resources.

Q: “Is this course for me?”

This program is NOT for you if…

You want to use psychology to create dark patterns & unethical products. In fact, if that’s your case, you can close this tab and unsubscribe from our list right now. We have no interest in helping that kind of product reach more people.

You want to rely on your gut feeling & opinion more than actual scientific principles. We focus on the human brain, not our ego.

You care more about ‘hitting your KPIs’ than about understanding your customers. This framework focuses on genuinely helping your users to become successful. That’s the only sustainable way to improve your metrics.

You care more about the latest design trends than you care about solving the right problems for your users. We focus on user empathy, not just shiny pixels.

You’re looking for “overnight” success. This course will definitely help you build products people love if you put in the work… but magic formulas simply don’t exist.

This program is FOR YOU if…

You’re a designer, product manager, marketer, or growth practitioner who cares about providing value to your users, or you’re a team manager who wants to educate and level up their team.

You create digital experiences. While this program could help any company, our lessons are designed for digital products and online experiences: SaaS, mobile, B2B, B2C, Gaming, e‑commerce, banking, insurance, etc.

You have a strong bias toward action and want real results. You like to implement what you learn instead of just reading theory. With practice, you’ll become faster at finding the gaps and more confident in the solutions you create.

You’re looking for a practical & applicable system to create better experiences using the same psychological frameworks we use in our case studies.

You want timeless learnings & assets that'll help you solve complex problems in your daily work long after you finish the course.

You want to add “psychology” to your toolbox, to become the go-to “psychology person” in your company, or just stand out as a potential candidate for your dream job.

Product Psychology Masterclass

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Enrollment closed on Nov 12 and will re-open in 2022. (invite-only)

Dan and LX reading books

Course Features

  • Self-paced course (Lifetime access)

  • Learn: lessons, stories, summaries

  • Practice: exercises, community

  • Apply: challenges, templates, faqs

  • Certification

  • Product assessment checklist

  • Course one-pager cheat sheet

  • Case study assets (Figma)

  • Additional psychology resources

  • Lifetime updates

Money back guarantee

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with the program after giving it an honest try, just email

  • …before the 30th day following your purchase
  • …before you (or someone on your team) complete the 4th lesson

…and we’ll quickly and promptly refund your entire payment.
We want to make this a no-brainer decision for you.

(PS: there’s a 99.2% chance you’ll be satisfied based on previous enrollments.)


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Course Reviews

Here's what people think of the program.

…one of the most worthy investments in my whole design career…

I just finished the Product Psychology Masterclass — it was one of the most worthy investments in my whole design career. Your course helped to systemize the knowledge and inform the design work of my team with the best practices, and I’m very very grateful for that!

The time I spend on your course evolved a habit for me that I don’t want to lose. And as a Product Design Manager for Growth at Miro, I find it crucial to invest in analyzing experience in other products and find areas of improvement. I was thinking of my career in the long run, and you really inspired me with your example of product consulting & knowledge sharing that look extremely meaningful for me.

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Kate Syuma

Product Design Lead, Growth

…it was unlike any online self paced course I have completed so far…

Came across Growth.Design’s case studies.

It was such a novel way of expressing what most product marketeers miss out on very often - Empathy towards your customer.

I ended up taking up their course and I can easily say it is quite unlike any online self paced course I have completed so far. Will strongly recommend to anybody who is interested in User Psychology!

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Gourab Ghose

Lead Customer Engagement Marketing

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Your other options.

If you’re thinking of joining but still evaluating other options, here are some of the closest alternatives:

Psychology Books

We encourage you to read. But there are so many psychology books to read that it can take years to cover the basics. And unfortunately, few psychology books are focused on digital products. So you might still struggle to apply the theory to your work.

Psychology Degree

Education is great but expensive. Plus, most degrees are 2+ years long and aren’t designed for practical, real-world applications. That’s why many students look for alternatives even after they graduate.

Product Bootcamps

Bootcamps have been popular in the past decade. Short in nature, they simply can’t go in much depth and have little focus on psychology. You get a nice certificate, but you’re stuck with general tactics.

Consultant / Agency

Some consultants are good for giving your business a small push. But that’s still a short-term solution. Educating your team on product psychology will have a better long-term impact for a fraction of the price.

Shyvee Shi

Shyvee Shi

Product Manager, Learner Experience @ LinkedIn

Over the years, I’ve always been very interested and passionate about behavior design and user psychology, but I was never able to really apply what I read in psychology books to product design.”
Ali Abouelatta

Ali Abouelatta

Master Students, Cornell University

I learned more from you than I did from my $350,000 undergrad + grad degrees.

Way more, actually. I don’t know why any sane person would choose not to check you out!

Monica Lindin

Monica Lindin

Senior Content Officer

Your course is visually much more engaging, and seeing the before and after screenshot suggestions crystalized the information for me.

I wish I' d known about you guys earlier before paying $9,000 for a UI bootcamp which has drained my budget.


Frequently asked questions.


Any questions?

We’re here to help.

We’re confident you’ll love the program (hence our no-brainer guarantee). But if you’re still on the fence, we’ll be happy to answer your questions.