How to expense this course.

Most alumni of Product Psychology Masterclass had their company pay for the course. Even if they didn’t have a formal training budget. Just follow these 3 simple steps:


Notify your manager

Give your manager a heads up to signal your interest and prepare the ground.

…or send your manager a quick chat message:

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Don't hesistate if you need anything

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Hey boss, I just saw this product psychology course and I think it'd be really useful for our work. Can I send you the details?

Email your manager

Short, personal emails are best. Copy the template below and tweak it for your context:


“Boss” <>


product psychology course expense

Hey boss, There’s a product psychology course that looks very good. I’d like to enroll. It’s a masterclass that shows how to apply psychology to build better products. It’s $1500. And the reviews are great. (4.6/5 rating. 400+ reviews. Alumni from Tesla, Linkedin, Netflix, etc) The course is packed with practical tactics, and tools (like product checklists and templates) that I’ll be able to use for our work. The instructors are well-known in the industry. Their case studies highlight psychological principles used by popular apps/saas. Here’s the link: Is it OK to expense this? PS: should we offer it to the team?


Follow-up after 3 days

Your manager is a busy person? Just send this reminder if you haven’t heard back from them after 3 days:


“Boss” <>


quick follow-up

Hey boss, have you had time to look at the product psychology course I sent you? I really believe it’d help us improve our product. Here’s the link: Let me know, ps: their enrollment ends this Friday (Nov 12)

Enjoy the course!

PS: If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach us at We’ll respond quickly. See you inside the program!

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